Our Story


We'd like to introduce ourselves.

After 25 years of experience manufacturing premium sporting goods, Bob Penicka made a significant breakthrough in his quest to develop a better way to assemble fishing rods. But Bob, an engineer, knew that the materials he had developed for producing fishing rods had broader applications. He formed AST (Applied Specialized Technologies, LLC) and decided to offer these innovative products to value-minded do-it-yourselfers and hobbyists under the name FlashFix. 

Since one adhesive won’t have the right properties to fix everything that’s broken, chipped, or leaking, we have several innovative products in development. Every FlashFix product is a high-tech, quick-cure adhesive that has unique properties and applications. Be sure to check back for new products that will help you fix what's broken quickly and easily.

Engineered with you in mind.

FlashFix products are created so you can quickly and easily repair your broken stuff. They are all easy to use and very quick to cure.

Don't throw something away when you can fix it in a flash. 

AST is based in upstate New York, USA. We sell materials for fishing rod assembly to manufacturers and consumers through our RodTeck® brand and a line of bonding products through our FlashFix® brand.